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Innovative’s VI Pro Solutions Managed Router lets us take responsibility for managing your network router including installation, configuration, management and maintenance. Enhance our Ethernet service with this advanced solution that lets you turn the task of managing your network performance over to Innovative’s experienced professionals and free up your IT staff to focus on revenue generating initiatives.





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Managed Router for Ethernet Service


Innovative’s Ethernet services are ideal for securely and efficiently addressing both single and multi-locations with high-bandwidth connectivity. However, purchasing and managing hardware and software for these networks can be costly and time-consuming.

Delivered over our fully managed, reliable, fiber-rich network, Managed Router Service for Ethernet helps reduce capital expenditure, eliminates ongoing maintenance costs and helps improve employee productivity. Partner with a true, end-to-end network service provider and leverage our reliable infrastructure and professional monitoring and support to drive your business forward. All for one predictable, cost-effective monthly rate.

With a managed router we keep your network moving

We help you avoid network problems like delays, network slowdowns, and configuration errors that
are often traced to the router. Innovative’s VI Pro Managed Router determines the best and most
efficient paths to move your data to its destination so you spend more time working, not waiting.




VI Pro SOLUTIONS Managed Router Features


Innovative’s expert technicians handle router configuration installation, maintenance and repair, saving your company the internal costs of network management.



We’ll provide monthly utilization reports at your request



Flexible maintenance options for your equipment.




Our fully staffed, on-call customer support protects your network for you.



We’ll back up your router’s configuration so changes are not lost if an outage occurs.



All of your network moves, adds or changes are managed for you.