Upgrade your existing phone system with sip business trunking

Innovative’s VI Pro Solutions SIP Trunking is a way to efficiently use one connection for all your voice and data needs. This single connection will provide you with:


       High-quality, reliable phone service and internet access


      Fast and easy scalability to meet your business growth


      Purchase the exacy amount of voice service based on your company




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Voice and Data Share a Circuit

With VI Pro Solutions SIP Trunking, voice and data are carried over a single Innovative circuit, with part used for data and part
for voice. Using SIP Trunking, even the voice traffic you have on analog business lines can be turned into “SIP lines” and can
be combined with your data allowing you to keep your existing analog telephones, Key Systems and Hybrid PBX’s with little to
no new equipment required. And, your voice traffic always remains a priority service to ensure voice quality.


End-to-End Secure and Reliable Solution


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What You Need to Successfully Deploy
VI Pro SIP Trunking:


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VI Pro Solutions SIP trunking is
Built on MetaSwitch, a leading global provider of telecommunications technology.