Our Network
Discover the benefits and advantages of our new, more advanced network.


In 2011, Innovative began a modernization project to address the need for new communication services and improve the quality of telephone, cable TV and high-speed Internet offerings throughout the Territory.


For decades, Innovative had been maintaining two network systems — one for Telephone and Internet service on copper cable, and another for Cable TV on coaxial cable.  The objective for this upgrade was to build and maintain one single network to deliver all services.  This was accomplished by deploying a Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) network.  HFC is a term used to describe a network that links optical fiber and coaxial cable, which is the state-of-the art method for delivering telecommunications services.  The main network device used to provide the service is called the embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter, or the eMTA.  The eMTA box is placed in your home to transmit  High-Speed Internet and/or Telephone service from the new HFC network to your devices. You will often hear the network referred to as the EVO network.


Customers now enjoy the following improvements:

  • True residential High-Speed Internet service at a minimum of 6.0 Mbps.

  • Faster and more efficient installation experiences.

  • A more resilient telecommunications network that takes less time to restore and requires fewer resources.

  • A more robust suite of communication products including High-Speed Residential Internet up to 100 Mbps, High-Definition programming and DVR service.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on Innovative’s Network.