Network FAQs

What happens when the power goes out?

During a commercial power outage, the eMTA cable modem’s battery back-up for telephone will last up to 6 hours of talk time and up to 10 hours on standby.  Innovative encourages customers to use telephone service during these times on an as-needed basis.


Innovative encourages residential customers who do not have generators and multi-line business customers to discuss their communication needs with an Innovative Customer Service Representative. They will determine if an extra battery is needed to ensure that communication continues in the event of a long-term power outage.

Why do I need an eMTA cable modem in my home?



Innovative is committed to the improvement of telecommunications in the Virgin Islands.  As the only communications provider with the ability to provide all services, it was critical that we upgrade our network to make the Territory’s services comparable with world-class providers.  This is not a partial upgrade for select areas  — every residence and business customer receiving Voice or Internet services MUST be converted using an eMTA cable modem to provide this service.


The original Innovative copper network is outdated.  This left our services susceptible to the elements and other factors which were negatively impacting the quality of service. The replacement network has been built to improve quality across all of our services including Cable TV; allowing us to introduce advanced features such as DVR, High Definition channels, and Video On Demand!


This upgrade also allows for faster resolution of service issues.  Alarms will advise the Innovative Service Team when the
equipment has been unplugged or if there is a service matter.




Will I be paying more for WAPA because the eMTA is power reliant?

Your eMTA cable modem only consumes 3 watts, (20 times less than the average light bulb) and should not significantly increase your WAPA bill. The eMTA cable modem is necessary to receive Innovative Telephone and HSD (high speed data) service, and you should not unplug your eMTA cable modem while away from your home or business.



What do I do with the eMTA box when I move

The eMTA cable modem is property of Innovative and it should not be removed from the location of the original

What do I do if I am experiencing difficulty with my alarm system

If you have an alarm system and you are experiencing technical difficulties with your service, please contact Innovative first before contacting your alarm service.